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Kara Family Violence Service offers free and confidential information and support for people experiencing family violence. These include crisis accommodation, integrated support services and specialist services for children and the LGBTIQA+ community.

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If you are experiencing family violence or you’re concerned for someone’s safety and need immediate assistance:

Support and information

If you require crisis support and information: www.safesteps.org.au

If you or someone you know is experiencing family violence our specialist practitioners can give you advice and information about how to discuss your concerns and provide you with appropriate support or avenues for assistance.

Call Kara Family Violence Service 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday on 1800 900 520 or email support@KaraFVS.org.au

Useful Resources

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Crisis accommodation

Kara Family Violence Service offers high security crisis accommodation for people who are in need of relocation to ensure their safety.


High security refuge. Part of the Victorian Women’s Crisis Accommodation Service.


Support services that prioritise safety in the immediate crisis.

Material aid

Provision of material aid to address immediate needs.

Who we work with

Who we work with
We provide information and support to all victims of family violence
  • Younger and older women
  • Single women and women with children
  • Women from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
  • People with disabilities
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
  • LGBTIQA+ community

How we help

How we help
Our Specialist Family Violence Practitioners can provide the following services:


  • Risk assessment and safety planning
  • Crisis accommodation or referral to secure refuge
  • Holistic case management


  • Advice, information and emotional support
  • Specialist children’s assessment, support and school liaison
  • Information about legal processes, intervention orders, court processes and child protection
  • Advocacy, referral, and liaison with other appropriate services
  • A Place To Call Home - provides ongoing support for clients in transitional housing


  • Community Education Programs – support groups and therapeutic programs
  • Activity Programs – to promote wellbeing
  • Access to resources that assist in identifying family violence and other services in the community

Working with children

Working with children
We work with the mother and child to identify every individual child’s specific requirements:
  • A specialist Children’s Practitioner will conduct an initial child’s assessment to identify trauma
  • Specific needs are clearly identified and referrals and linkages to other services are put in place
  • Every child has an ongoing case plan with routine follow-ups
  • Liaison with schools and childcare centres and Maternal and Child Health centres
  • Communicate and work closely with Child Protection

Working with LGBTIQA+

Working with LGBTIQA+
Kara House responds to direct contact or referrals for LGBTIQA+ community experiencing domestic violence:
  • We have a specialist understanding of the complexities of domestic violence
  • We work with the LGBTIQA+ community
  • Provide crisis accommodation and support for same sex attracted women experiencing abuse in a relationship
  • Provide ongoing outreach support and advice to anyone identifying as lesbian, transgender, gay, gender diverse, bi-sexual, intersex, queer and asexual
  • We have strong connections whose services are specific to the LGBTIQA+ community

Helpful information in other languages

Helpful information in other languages

Click links below to find helpful information in your language

Step Forward - Family Violence Support Group


Stepping Forward. A family violence support group helping women to build hope and strength for the future. The group is for women who have experienced family violence and are feeling confused, alone and overwhelmed. The program is facilitated by specialist family violence practitioners.

To find out more or join, please contact Kara Family Violence Service on 1800 900 520 or email support@KaraFVS.org.au

Client stories

Names and details have been changed to protect client privacy.



Suddenly homeless, Vhu* and her four children arrived with absolutely nothing and now here to go.
Vhu, 41 contacted Kara Family Violence Service, saying she was Vietnamese and needed an interpreter. We re-contacted Vhu with a phone interpreter, and she informed us she and her four children had been evicted from her house. Vhu’s husband, following years of abuse towards Vhu and the eldest daughter, walked out of the house three weeks previouslyand had not returned. Vhu’s home was a private rental in her husband’s name and her husband had been issued a Notice to Vacate due to rental arrears. Vhu had no knowledge this was happening. Vhu told us she was currently staying with a friend, and her four children were dispersed amongst other friends. Vhu disclosed she was 24 weeks pregnant but had not told anyone. Vhu had no money and nowhere to go. While Kara Family Violence Service’s core business is specialist family violence services, we work closely with several housing services, and contacted them hoping there may be a vacant transitional property available. Finding safe and affordable housing in Melbourne is incredibly difficult, especially for larger families with a very limited income. Luckily after many phone calls we had success and were offered a property. We were able to reunite Vhu and her children and relocate them to a safe area. Kara House continues to support families like Vhu’s during their tenancy and if needed. Case management commenced, with Vhu’s antenatal care being a priority. Our material aid provision included clothing packs for all the family, home and cultural cooking pack, linen packs and food hampers. Vhu has been linked with Centrelink, and we have liaised with the children’s schools. Using donated funds, Kara Family Violence Services was able to provide laptops for the children to continue remote learning.A children’s assessment has been completed and the summary indicated the children have been traumatised by the abusive environment they had been living in. Medical and counselling appointments have been made for the children. Despite the trauma this family has endured, they are



16 month journey to reunite Matida* and her sons.
For Matida the stress was incredible when her ex-husband took her two boys out of the country. Pregnant and alone, it took a support team to help her reunite with her sons. We first met Matida, 6 months pregnant at the end of 2019, when she was referred to Kara Family Violence Service with her toddler daughter, Rayan. While caring for Rayan and planning for a safe birth, Matida’s focus was on her two young sons being cared for by her mother overseas. As a form of control, Matida’s husband, the perpetrator of the violence and the father of her children, removed her boys from her care and took them overseas. Being separated from her boys, Ibrahim and Jamal, took a huge toll on Matida’s emotional wellbeing and mental health. She struggled to manage the day-to-day care of Rayan and Khalid, and eventually child protection became involved placing the children in care while Matida was admitted to hospital. During this time, Kara Family Violence Service was working away in the background liaising with various services and gathering information on how to return the children to Australia. Because of COVID-19 this became a very long and drawn-out process, and a sense of ongoing frustration and sadness for Matida. With the assistance of an immigration lawyer, the children and their grandmother were given an exemption to return to Australia. While Kara Family Violence Service managed to access funding for plane tickets, there were immigration issues, which then impacted the exemption timeframe, and another exemption had to be applied for. After an exhausting 16-month process, plus 2 weeks isolation in hotel quarantine, and with so much excitement and happiness Ibrahim and Khalid were reunited with their mother, little sister and their new baby brother. With thanks to generous donations, Kara House welcomed the children with new clothes, toys and books. We continues to support Matida and her family in a transitional property
and we look forward to them enjoying a secure and happy future together.
*names changed